/pɪn / (say pin)

1. a small, slender, sometimes tapered or pointed piece of wood, metal, etc., used to fasten, or hold things together, to hang things upon, to stop up holes, or to convey or check motion; a bolt; peg.
2. a small, thin piece of metal pointed at one end and with a head at the other, used especially in dressmaking to hold fabric together.
3. any of various forms of fastening or ornament consisting essentially or in part of a pointed penetrating bar: a safety pin.
4. a badge or brooch having a pointed bar or pin attached, by which it is fastened to the clothing.
5. a linchpin, serving to keep a wheel on its axle.
6. that part of the stem of a key which enters the lock.
7. a rolling pin.
8. hairpin.
9. a peg, nail, or stud marking the centre of a target.
10. one of the bottle-shaped pieces of wood knocked down in ninepins, tenpins, etc.
11. a surfboard with wide sides.
12. (in quoits) the peg over which quoits are thrown.
13. Golf the flagpole which identifies a hole.
14. Colloquial a leg.
15. Music a peg.
16. Nautical any of various pegs, fixing devices and axles, as a belaying pin, thole, etc.
17. Carpentrydovetail (def. 1).
18. (in the imperial system) a cask containing 4½ gallons (20.4 litres).
19. a very small amount.
20. See pins and needles.
verb (t) (pinned, pinning)
21. to fasten or attach with a pin or pins, or as if with a pin.
22. to hold (a person, etc.) fast in a spot or position: the debris pinned him down.
23. to transfix with a pin or the like.
24. Chess, Draughts, etc. to effectively confine your opponent's men.
25. Also, underpin. Building Trades to support (masonry, etc.), as by wedges driven in over a beam.
26. pin down, to bind or hold to a course of action, a promise, etc.
27. pin one's hopes (or faith) on, to have high expectations of.
28. pin one's ears back, Colloquial to cast off all restraint or caution.
29. pull the pin,
a. to make the decision to bring to a project, investment, etc., to a close.
b. to make the decision to withdraw from an activity, employment, etc.; retire.
30. pull the pin on, to close (an operation, an organisation, etc.).
{Middle English; Old English pinn peg}
/pɪn / (say pin)

verb (i)
PIN (def. 2).

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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